Course 2: The Thrill of Competitive Multiplayer EDH

The Thrill of Competitive Multiplayer EDH

The thing about Standard, Modern, Legacy and Vintage is that they’re only 2 player formats. There’s not a lot of thrill out of beating a single player per match. You beat that opponent, you move on to the next opponent/round in the tournament. Then if you reached Top 16 you have a chance at prize money or prestige. With the Competitive Multiplayer EDH Format games and tournaments are different, you get to beat multiple opponents all at the very same time. So when you defeat a single opponent your deck is better than the opponents decks. But you can prove you're a better player by beating your opponents multiple times in a row. The same is true for multiplayer, your deck and skills are better than all of the opponents put together if you beat them multiple times in a row. That’s exciting and it’s what’s also fun is the fact that Competitive Multiplayer EDH affords you the most powerful commanders and cards that aren’t normally allowed in Regular/Casual EDH due to them being too: unfun, unfair, and oppressing. There’s more of a feeling of reward and accomplishment that stems from defeating multiple opponents with just one game.

An Example of Competitive Multiplayer EDH

You sit down to a 4 man game of Competitive Multiplayer EDH, and you’ve got your big powerful 99 card cEDH deck ready to go. You are playing Zur the Enchanter and slide him out beside your deck which is a powerful super Stax deck. Everyone starts playing, and you put out a Mana Crypt, Sol Ring, and Coalition Relic on Turn 1. Turn 2 comes around and you drop Death Cloud wiping away everyone’s lands, creatures and their hands. Your opponents are devastated, you’ve practically already won the game. They’re whining, moaning, and showing signs of their miserableness and hopelessness. You still have your artifact mana and you follow up with casting your Zur the Enchanter!! The first thing you do… you get your Necropotence!! Now you have incredible card draw to make sure you don’t gain an inch and keep up the oppression on your opponents! Your opponents aren’t showing any signs of happiness with the way things are going now. It looks completely hopeless for them! You throw down a Trinisphere with a Tangle Wire and a Gilded Lotus on Turn 4. On Turn 5 you pull out Phyrexian Unlife by attacking with Zur the Enchanter, and you cast Repay in Kind you drew into off your Necropotence. Then while Repay in Kind is on the stack you draw cards from Necropotence in response to casting Repay in Kind until your life drops to 0. Your opponents let out a gasp, and their life points all become 0 but you win the game because of Phyrexian Unlife. Your opponents can’t do anything, they can’t play anything, and there is no hope at all for them. All they can do is look into pit of despair, admit defeat and concede! You’ve done it, you’ve just beat 3 competitive minded players with a Zur Stax deck. Your deck is so oppressing, powerful and fun to win with! But hey this is Competitive Multiplayer EDH, and it’s time to shuffle up for game 2!

A different feel and powerful cards:

Multiplayer FFA formats like EDH use different cards than 1vs1 formats like Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage or Duel Commander. For example in those formats you will commonly have to only deal with a single player and a small number of targets so Swords to Plowshares would do best in those formats. The same isn't true in multiplayer formats a card that deals with many creatures is the strongest solution take Toxic Deluge for example.




  This creates an exciting world where you can use powerful cards that would rarely ever be used in other formats thanks to it being singleton multiplayer with large 99 card decks. Massive powerful board wipe cards like Armageddon, Wildfire, or Grasp of Fate. You also get to abuse cool cards like Mystic Remora, and Rhystic Study because of multiple players. You get to draw a lot more cards than you would in Vintage or Legacy due to the many extra cards cast by many opponents which is really fun!

Super Powerful Commanders

Then finally you get to use powerful commanders!! These legendary creatures are the basis of your deck, and can be built around. There are some commanders that aren't creatures like Teferi or Daretti which are planeswalkers with a special card text rule that lets you use them as commanders. A commander can do amazing things for you, give you great advantage, support, or even win you the game alone. Some commanders are extremely powerful, like Zur the Enchanter for example, which I used to get to a top 16 finish in a cEDH Multiplayer tournament online with ease.




Here is a list of many of the best commanders in Competitive Multiplayer EDH that would be frowned upon in regular EDH games are: Azami, Lady of Scrolls, Zur the Enchanter, Teferi, Temporal Archmage, Thrasios, Triton Hero + Tymna the Weaver (Partner Commanders), The Gitrog Monster, Kess, Dissident Mage, Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge, Arcum Dagsson, and Captain Sisay. Many of these make up the current competitive multiplayer EDH Tier 1 scene. Be sure to check out some of the decklists on Competitive EDH Reddit to learn more about these powerful commanders. So there you have it that is the thrill of Competitive Multiplayer EDH!!! I hope this course helps get you and your friends interested in this amazing format!


Thanks for reading and also check out the next course!

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Written by Paramount