Orb is a new internet based company, and a small company.

Orb is a private company owned by Paramount, a Sole Proprietorship, and is run by an individual. Orb started September, 2017 and it is based completely online.

Orb is a subscription online based company that offers services and content for a monthly subscription which is $2.00 each month. Additionally Orb runs banners and ads to supplement that income. The inside of Orb, Blogs, and Membership Pages contain NO Ads however.

Orb is intended to be a powerful resource for competitive multiplayer EDH players and those wanting to play FFA formats competitively as well.

Orb's Values

We have a commitment to being solely competitive based, this is not for casual FFA, and casual EDH.

Just like how Top Commander was a beacon of light for Competitive Multiplayer EDH in the beginning Orb is going to carry the torch forwards. Orb is a commitment to continued innovation for Competitive EDH Multiplayer.

Orb wants to evolve multiplayer to a more competitive format and help make it more official to open the door for more progress, and to bring competitive multiplayer formats to the pro tours, and world championships.

Orb is a commitment to empower beginner, skilled, and professional MTG players with a powerful knowledge of competitive multiplayer EDH, and competitive FFA to take their multiplayer game to the top.

Orb's Author/Owner Paramount

My name is Paramount (Paramount_Elite) and I've been playing MTG for 11 years now, and cEDH 10 years now. Most of that time I've played exclusively online and have gained notoriety. I've played Standard, Extended, Modern, Legacy and Vintage competitively for a few years before quitting them exclusively for EDH and FFA formats which I've played the longest. I've created many competitive EDH decks over the years. I created the very first Tier List for competitive multiplayer EDH, and also created the first Facebook Page for competitive multiplayer EDH where i've wrote content for many years for. I ran an online business called Top Commanders LLC from [2015-2016] selling cEDH Deck Techs for multiplayer that were tournament ready and helped a handful of EDH players to win paper EDH tournaments, and commander side events.